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Where do you want to be in two years? 5 years? How will you get there? FuelForward® uncovers the secrets to accelerate your moves to the top in your career so that you can live the life of your dreams.



Professionals often get the same advice to “keep your head down and work hard” to get promoted. But, if you’re not aware of the most impacting factors on your career advancement, you can’t influence these blind spots that are constantly at work. You can’t control or influence what you don’t know about.


By reading this book, you will:

• Understand the fundamental principles which must be in place that allows you to be in the career game


• Discover the FuelForward® accelerators that you must put to work to help you move up and achieve career success


• Acquire often unknown, high impact strategies to engage the FuelForward® Accelerators to your personal career management.


Regardless of whether you're just getting started in your career, or you've climbed a few rungs on the career ladder already, this book will help you achieve success.

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Career Accelerator Guide


The FuelForward® Model for Career Success (Chapter 3 of Vivian’s FuelForward®  book) unveils the system for transforming your career.


This proven formula for moving up has propelled forward the careers of many ambitious professionals, just like you.

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Contributing Author (chapter 13) : Gaining Experience & Moving Up)

You want—no you need—a new job. But not just any job. The job. So you polish your resume till it shines. You apply for countless openings, tailoring your message to each. You search for the hidden job market, although it remains very well hidden. And the response? Well, it's underwhelming. To top things off, maze-like online application systems appear designed to keep you and the perfect job apart. What's going on?


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How people successfully land jobs has changed. You need help from a pro, someone who navigates career data, the labor market, and hot jobs with ease. You want a coach who will tell you what to pursue and what to avoid, and an expert who has mastered job-hunting and career change to offer wisdom gained from experience. What you need is a career coach. Better yet, several.

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